Why Real Digital Marketing?

We can help with your technology, websites, and marketing. Whether you are a small start-up or a successful small business ready to progress, we have solutions to fit your budget.

What’s different about Real Digital Marketing?

Everything! We are weirdly passionate about technology, creative projects, and helping people. We also thoroughly enjoy problem-solving, so we tend to get really excited about new challenges. If we don’t already have a solution to your problem, we will find one! That’s our mantra and how much we love our job! Can you feel our passion?!!! We are pretty nerdy when it comes to technology. Of course, our mission is to help every client turn their passion into a profitable business by providing custom, affordable small business solutions. Anyhow, we think being a little different is awesome.


What to expect during the initial meeting?

It’s simple, we will ask some questions to learn more about your business and needs. Once we are comfortable, we will discuss some potential business solutions within your budget.

For example, if you are a business owner, what is your current role in the business, i.e., owner, operations, finance, sales, marketing, human resources, legal, and/or IT Support? Are you wearing all the hats? Is your business online? How are you currently marketing your business? Is it working? Do you have ideas? Let’s face it, running a business can be overwhelming especially if you are managing multiple roles! At Real Digital Marketing, we strive to offer premium business solutions at affordable prices.


What’s it like working with Real Digital Marketing?

Real Digital Marketing, LLC is a business consulting agency primarily focusing on websites, marketing, and technology solutions. We are a small passionate agency that works with a lot of entrepreneurs and small businesses. At Real Digital Marketing, we tend to develop more long-lasting relationships with our clients. Of course, we do single projects frequently too. Here’s the deal… if you enjoy working with a smaller company that wants to see you grow and values your partnership, you found us! 


Is Real Digital Marketing the right “kind” of company for your needs?

Ask yourself, do you…… ? 
  • Feel overwhelmed with your business?
  • Need help with technology?
  • Need help getting your business online?
  • Need a website?
  • Need to improve your social media?
  • Want to streamline your business processes with free or low-cost automation tools?
  • Need to find the most cost-effective business solutions without breaking the bank?
  • Need to improve marketing?
  • Need email marketing expertise?

Why hire Real Digital Marketing to design your website?

  • SIMPLE. First, we keep it simple. If you aren’t tech-savvy, no problem. We can meet you in person (within a reasonable distance) or we can connect via phone, email, text, skype… we are flexible.  
  • ONE-ON-ONE. You will only work with one (1) assigned Account Manager throughout the entire process. 
  • FREE STRATEGIC PLANNING. Our website design packages include more than a website. At Real Digital Marketing, our goal is to help our clients grow. During our website design process, we will help you choose the best technology and software integrations for your individual needs (if applicable). Some examples include point of sale (POS) software, customer relationship management (CRM) software, accounting (invoicing/receipts), email marketing software, automation tools, etc.
  • WE SAVE YOU $. We love helping companies with technology. This is when we get to proudly show off our nerd skills and save clients money! If you haven’t noticed, there’s a monthly subscription fee for almost everything nowadays, whether it’s for email, automated services, extra features, etc. A lot of these business monthly fees can be avoided by working with Real Digital Marketing!
  • SOCIAL MEDIA BRANDING. We also include social media branding in some of our plans. If you are looking to take your branding to the next level with easy brand recognition, Real Digital Marketing is here to help! We will design custom themed branding for all your profiles. 
  • PROBLEM SOLVERS. If you have a problem and we don’t have a solution, we will find one. Are you feeling our passion for technology and helping our clients yet?!
  • BRAND RECOGNITION. When we design your website and online presence, we will design everything around your central design theme for easier brand recognition. This is one way we help our clients build brands from scratch. 
  • PRICE. Our prices are affordable and very competitive within the industry as well as the local Nashville market. We aren’t the cheapest in town nor are we the most expensive. Most agencies charge $100-$150/hour for website design and/or business consulting. The truth is we would do this for fun if we could. Our prices are competitive; however, if another agency beats our price, we would love to review the detailed project quote. If we feel our project quote wasn’t competitive, then we will beat their price AND further discount the project. 


Want us to provide professional references?

  • No problem! Feel free to review our Testimonials page. We are happy to provide professional references too.