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Do you need help with email marketing? Are you sending a monthly newsletter? Are you wanting to send a special offer or coupon?

We have over 10 years of email marketing experience. We have managed databases with 250,000+ contacts, built email lists with over 15,000 active subscribers, and designed and tracked hundreds of email campaigns!

At Real Digital Marketing, we help you find and choose the right email marketing software as well as assist with the planning and setup of custom integrations. Some of our other email marketing services include creating custom email campaigns, designing newsletters, email templates, sending emails on your behalf, increasing subscribers, and ensuring your emails make it to the inbox.

Business Email

Get professional email using your company’s domain! If you don’t have an email provider, we can discuss several recommendations. We will also setup advanced business email security with custom SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records to ensure compliance for your individual needs.

Email Marketing

Businesses use email marketing to emails like newsletters, coupons, reminders, updates, and more. We help businesses with everything email marketing including choosing a provider, integrations, technical configurations, list syncing, automations, and more!

Some factors to consider when email marketing:

  • Is your email marketing driving sales?
  • Are you driving traffic to your website?
  • Are your marketing emails making it to your recipient’s inbox?
  • How are you preventing your email from going to spam or being blacklisted?
  • Are you including the required option for subscribers to opt-out?
  • Unsure why you’re getting so many opt-outs?
  • Are you tracking email opens and views?
  • How are you growing your list of subscribers?
  • How often are you emailing your subscribers?
  • Are you properly segmenting and targeting your email lists?
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